Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas is almost here!

Wow! Christmas is so close I can taste it. This has to be one of my favorite times of the year, along with Halloween and my birthday. I can't wait until Christmas day. I love to watch my family and friends open the gifts I picked out for them. Actually, that's my favorite thing about Christmas. My family isn't the most functional of families, but we love each other, and I love to buy for them! I'm so happy I was smart enough to shop for them before the Christmas rush. I can't stand shopping in overly crowded malls. And thank you God for ebay! Of course I like to receive as well as give, just like everyone else. They say that Christmas is about giving and not receiving, but I beg to differ. When you give, someone's receiving. That's just the way it is. You can't have one without the other. Well, I'm done with my Christmas rant. Hope you enjoyed it, and have a Merry Honz-a-Kwan-a-Mas!


  1. Ho


    Can you imagine my surprise and joy finding your name amongst my watchers?! OMG I miss you so much Ash!! You have no idea. Funny thing, I was just doodling Akina/Ayden the other day and thinking 'Man, I wish Ash could see this. She'd love it." Well that's that. I'm posting that right freaking now. Maybe that will light a fire under your rear to draw a bit eh? XD

    How on earth have you been?? Do you have a facebook? If so, add me! We have got to catch up.

    Yeah, I personally love seeing people open gifts. To me it's better than getting them, & I think that's what is meant by 'tis better to give that to receive. I believe the one giving the gift is often the one who is most rewarded by the experience. Earlier this season I had a chance encounter with a homeless guy outside of starbucks, and ended up buying him some orange juice and a muffin & praying for him. Unlooked for, un planned for, but a wonderful chance to give someone a little hope and joy. Things like that, and giving gifts to those we love, truly light up one's heart I think.

    Drop me a line sis!!

  2. I posted a comment on your page! TTYL!